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Friday, July 3, 2009

Have you ever lost in a search engine? Well, if you are internet users, you certainly have understood that there are hundred thousands of websites on the internet. They are source of various kinds of information that we need. Since those websites offers various categories of information, we certainly need to find websites that provide information we are looking for only. It is impossible for us to search one by one website since it will waste our time. To easily find a website we need, we can use a search engine. Unfortunately, search engine sometimes cannot provide information we are looking for. When we type wrong keywords, we might not find satisfying results. We might be delivered to a website that doesn’t have a relation with information we are looking for.

To avoid such problem, we actually can find a website we need through a web directory. A web directory usually hosts websites under certain categories. It surely will ease our search. As what you can see at, there is a free web directory. Websites owners can submit their websites to be hosted at this web directory for free. By submitting their website to this web directory, people looking for information about certain category will be delivered to websites that have been submitted. This means that their website will be more popular since there will be more visitors to their websites. There is also business web directory that hosts websites dealing with business. There are various web categories you can find and each category consists of some number of websites. The website also features DMOZ, a human edited web directory. This web directory is said to be the largest directory edited by human.

Moreover, there is also Yahoo directory that hosts lots of websites under various categories. In sum, web directory provides benefits both for website owners and information seekers. So, whether you are website owners or internet users, you should make use web directory for your own benefits.

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