Welcome to the Hotel of California!!  

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Los Angeles and San Francisco might two most wanted cities to visit for entertainment purpose. Los Angeles is a city where celebrities are roaming around making hysteria. Los Angeles is also a place in which shopping centre makes shopaholic run wild. This is a place where education institution is in the top chart. Simply, Los Angeles is a city of fortune that is represented in the Hollywood and its glamorous atmosphere.

Los Angeles is rich and full of fantastic scenery. It will be amazing to experience Los Angeles after the marvelous San Francisco . San Francisco appears as a complete city with awesome golden gate bridge that has been the United States of America ’s icon. San Francisco has its own unique features such as summer fog, steep rolling hills, and even its cable cars.To visit the two cities without planning will be risky. Those cities are beautiful but your trip will be fantastic when you decide to choose the right and affordable hotels. Los Angeles Hotels are not all five starred hotel which have the top quality of luxury. There are also cheap hotels with wonderful facilities. San Francisco Hotels appear almost similarly various in accommodation and quality. However, those two United States Hotels own a different luxuries for both are located in the so called a country of all luck life can bring.

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