"Blog", an X-Tra Ordinary Diary  

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Some years ago, when I started blog, I thing that it just only an diary. But, now I know, a lot of things we can get from blogging. We can make a friendship and an interactive sharing information. It’s more interested than social networks.

From blogging we can get great friends, above all if we be a member of blogger community. Like me, Now i’m a member at blogger Bertuah Community. I’m enjoy to interactive in online or offline activities.

The other side of that, we can make money by blog. Get money by blogging? Yes its true! How? Just do everything as usual. We write an article, post it, give the other people an information, get appreciation with their comment, and we get paid to post. Its very easy…..Do you interested?? I am very interested so much!!!

Wait a moment please? But, who that paid us? The advertisers! They are who want to promote them in our blog. We write an article about them, give link to them in the article that post in blog.

Why advertisers choose this way to promote, not else? There are any reasons for it, among other things:
1. Post in blogs are written by real people
2. Blog advertising is very easy and cheap
3. Advertiser will get the permanent back link, it’s very good for search engine.
4. They can to choice type of opportunities there are two opportunities, text or pictures
5. They can reach a lot of people with a few of money

Why we as bloggers should choice this way to make money online? Because this way is very simple and easy. A blog with page rank zero is accept, but maximum alexa rank 1.000.000. To reach rank 1.000.000 is not difficult. We can do blog walking to increase our blog traffic. Believe me, it’s very easy! Lets follow me, I am sure….
Lets Go..!We make money online now. It’s a mutualism, advertiser and blogger get a benefit.

Now, if someone ask to me, what’s a blog???
I will answer, Blog is an extra ordinary diary.

Thank 4 u’re attention

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