"Genggek Cup" Competition  

Monday, June 1, 2009

I’m alone now. Everyone usual have a date in Saturday night, but not for me. I stay in my room with my computer, I enjoy play a PC game with my new mice, while wait my friends. Yeah, they will come here. because there is a competition. As usual, every Saturday night, we play a winning eleven competition. It’s call “Genggek Cup”. Genggek is similar with looser. Not like the other competition that give a prize for the winner, in this competition the winner get nothing. The looser will get a certificate of genggek. He is called Mr.Genggek until the next competition and get the other looser.

We will try a new game console, PS3 that I bought two days ago. According my friend recomendation, I visited shopwiki. This is a great place for game mania. We can look for any popular consol game here. Microsoft XBOX, Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii can finded here.

I bought game controllers too. They are a game mice for my PC and a wireless PS3 controller. More over, in shopwiki, we will find a lot of game controller, such as joysticks, dance pad, steering wheel, gaming mice and gaming keyboard, PC, Xbox, Nintendo,PlayStation, sega controller. They are hight quality game controllers. How about the price? Price is quality, with a lower price you will get a lower quality too. But don’t worry, to get a high quality good, they give a friendly price here.

The Gamers don’t confused to choose a game among of many games. You will get a buying guide. There are two judgment if we will buy a video game, i.e.
1. Compatibility, a consol game is not certainly compatible for the next series, or a game suitable or choose a PC game that suitable for operating system.
2. Age Appropriateness, some games are not qualified for children. So buy a game according how old the gamer.

I get a satisfaction by shopping here, I recommend to all of you, game manias to buy everything about game here. I sure, you will get a satisfaction too, like me. Start from this night we will more enjoy our competition. The great question, who is the next Mr. Genggek..?? It will answered tonight.

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